Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bible Club Crafts = Creative Learning

When selecting craft activities for your students, ask yourself these five questions:
1.   Does the craft help the children feel valuable and worthwhile?
2.   Can the children experience success with this craft or activity?
3.   Do the children do the work?
4.   Does the craft allow the children to express themselves?
5.   Does the craft encourage creativity?

When you turn your art projects and Bible club activities into learning experiences, you give the children worthwhile lessons that will be with them long after the project is gone. Here’s how: focus on what the children can learn rather than what they can make. As the children work, talk about the Bible lesson or theme of the day. Keep the focus on the Bible story or the memory verse. Tie the craft back into the day’s Scripture or Bible point.

Help the children have a fun time during your Bible club program. Don’t let them get frustrated. If a craft becomes too difficult, switch gears and adapt the craft to the child. For example, if threading yarn becomes tedious, stop the threading and let the child add stickers to the craft or decorate it with markers or jewels. Turn your time with the child back into a fun experience. If a child finishes early (or just gives up), let him move to a free play area or begin a coloring project or a pencil puzzle.

Let each child's creativity shine. As you keep the mood light and supportive, you allow each child to be the creative being God has made him or her! 

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