Monday, March 15, 2010

Bulletin Board Ideas

A simple and attractive way to decorate your Bible club classroom is with bulletin boards. Place the bulletin board(s) near the door so they will catch the children's interest as they enter. The hallway outside your Bible club room is also a great place for bulletin boards and a handy spot to post announcements and upcoming Bible club parties and events. Some simple bulletin board ideas:

  • Print the All-Stars for Jesus banner from the Bible Club Director's Manual CD in color or print it onto colored paper in black and white. Place this banner at the top of your bulletin board and over each club room door. You can also cut out the individual banner letters and attach them to the top of the bulletin board in an arch.
  • Cover the bulletin board with a large sheet of butcher paper, gift wrap, or cloth for a colorful background. Add a star trim border around the edges of the board.
  • Make a colorful border by cutting construction paper strips. You can be as creative as you want by cutting the border strips in fancy or decorative shapes. Add Bible stickers or glue star cutouts around the border to make it pop.
  • A three-dimensional effect is attractive to children. Make flowers out of egg carton cups. Put a layer of thick cardboard behind some of your bulletin board figures to make them stand out.
  • Attach materials to the bulletin boards using staples, as they are much more difficult for younger children to remove and swallow. Be sure that no loose staples are left on the floor after you've completed the board.
  • Make interactive bulletin boards: Mount a mirror on the board, covered with a piece of cloth. Place a picture of Jesus beside the mirror. Guide the children to the board. Ask, Who is important to Jesus? Look and see.
  • When new children join All-Stars for Jesus, make a bulletin board titled, “We are special to Jesus.” Mount a picture of Jesus and a picture of each child along with the child’s name. (Take instant photos or photograph the class and print out the photos) During class or learning center time, guide the children to the board and help them identify their classmates by name. (Get permission from parents or caregivers before posting pictures of your students.)
  • Make this special Happy Honeybees bulletin board: Cut out one Happy Honeybee for each child. Label the honeybee with the child's name. Cut flowers and stems from construction paper or craft foam. Title the board, “We are Happy Honeybees.” As new children are enrolled in Honeybees, add more bees to the bulletin board.

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