Monday, May 10, 2010

Discipline That Motivates

Cut down on classroom discipline problems with a popcorn surprise. Draw a frowning face on a clear quart jar. Label another quart jar with a happy face. Fill a third jar of the same size with unpopped popcorn. When your Bible club class behaves well, listens attentively, shows kindness to others, etc., add a handful of the popcorn to the happy jar, and mention the class (rather than the individual) behavior that is being rewarded.

For undesirable behavior, add a handful of corn to the “sad” jar, and mention the undesirable behavior. Be sure to find plenty of reasons during each meeting to fill the happy jar. After the jar of unpopped popcorn is emptied, the corn will be transferred from the labeled jars. Transfer the corn from the happy jar to the sad one for undesirable behavior and from the sad jar to the happy one for good behavior. When all the popcorn gets into the happy jar, reward your All-Stars with a well-deserved popcorn party!

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