Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God's Message to Us

Children's Bibles
Hold an open Bible. Explain that the Bible is God's Word and it is true. Have a child read II Peter 1:21 aloud from the Bible. Say it together in unison. Then lead your students in saying the following poem together.

Where did this Book
    (hold hands like an open book) come from
That tells us (point to other children)
   Of God’s love (point to your heart)?
Why, it came from God Himself
   (hold both hands high),
My Father (point to self) up above (point up).

This Book (hold hands like an open book)
   Is God’s own precious Word (hug self):
True things spoken (point to mouth) by Him
   (point up).
It tells me (point to self) I am His own child
   (point up)
When I (point to self) ask Jesus in
   (form cross with fingers, then point to heart).

This Book (hold hands like an open book)
   Is a light, a map, a guide 
(shade eyes with hand, look left to right)
   That shows the way to walk (walk fingers up arm).
Each day I read (point to self)
   From God’s own Word (hold hands like an open book)
Each day with Him (point up) I talk
   (fold hands to pray, and bow head).

Say, The Bible tells us that God loves us. He has always loved us, and He has always wanted to tell us so. A long, long time ago God spoke in many ways to tell about His love for us. Sometimes He spoke through men called prophets. They and others (such as King David) wrote down what God wanted everyone to know. And sometimes God talked to people directly, telling them little by little about His plans.

Then when Jesus came down from heaven to be born on earth, God spoke to us through Him. God’s Son, Jesus, brought us the message of God’s love.

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