Monday, December 20, 2010

Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus Action Rhyme

Here's a fun action rhyme to help your students remember the Christmas story. Read Luke 2:1-17 from your open Bible. 

The birth of Jesus related in this passage emphasizes God's plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus. For instance, when the angel appears to the shepherds, he declared the Christ child to be the Savior and Messiah. He would bring peace and goodwill to humankind.No wonder the shepherds were so excited to share this wonderful news with everyone they saw (Luke 2:17-20).

Encourage the children to follow your motions as you do the rhyme:

Shepherds watching, watching, watching(use hands as pretend binoculars),

Watching over their flocks by night.
(Fold hands under head as if sleeping.)

Comes an angel, angel, angel
(stand tall and strong with hands on hips),

And the sky shines big and bright.
(Spread arms and wiggle fingers.)

The angel says, "GOOD NEWS!"
(Use a loud voice for capitalized words.)

The angel says, "GOOD NEWS!"
(Cup hands around mouth.)

The Son of God is born! (Clap, clap.)
The Son of God is born! (Clap, clap.)

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