Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ideas for Teaching Preschoolers

A preschooler's intellectual ability, imagination, and curiosity are growing very quickly. He is trying to establish his own identity and independence, so he is apt to want to "strike out on his own" frequently. However, he often finds independence to be scary, and he may cry or scream for the protection and comfort he received as a baby or young toddler.

The games and activities in Honeybees for Jesus and Cubby Bears for Jesus Bible Clubs provide many opportunities for children to have their own experiences for precisely this reason. However, these Bible club learning experiences always include the loving care of adult leaders and helpers nearby to provide comfort and love when the child needs it.

Preschoolers especially are challenged by just about everything they experience. Their self-confidence grows as they master simple tasks they are able to accomplish. For this reason, Honeybees for Jesus and Cubby Bears for Jesus Bible Clubs include a wide range of learning activities, using many different methods, to challenge and teach children about their heavenly Father and in the process build their self-confidence as they master important skills.

Preschoolers remember best when they use all their senses—touch, hearing, sight, smell, and even taste— in the learning process. The more senses a child uses in learning, the more real that item or experience will become to him. This is the reason the activities in these Bible club programs incorporate the use of many senses. You will want to include activities that use a variety of senses in your lessons.

It is also important which senses are used in teaching. Studies have shown children learn 1% by taste, 1.5% by touch, 3.5% by smell, 11% by hearing, and 83% by sight. So you will want to enhance your room environment with visuals and decorations to engage the children. Placing a few small beanbag chair or rockers near a tub of picture books can make a reading corner where children can enjoy books on their own or while sitting in the lap of an adult leader.

Preschoolers' curiosity and creativity can be further stimulated by opportunities to explore and experience. Learning centers are a great way to let children explore new art mediums and nature items under the close supervision of a loving, Christian adult. Children need lots of new sensations, new impressions, new sights, feelings, and sounds. Honeybees for Jesus and Cubby Bears for Jesus Bible Clubs are designed to help you create such a place, where the growing child can receive a foundation of positive interaction with other children. Not only do preschoolers sing and talk about loving God and each other, but the children are given the chance to talk and interact with each other and with adults who love and care for them.

Children also learn by questioning—asking questions to solve current problems and clear up any misconceptions. Allow your students' questions to guide the direction of your discussions, moving your teaching to fit the children's ever-changing interests while being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Now you're ready to guide your preschoolers on an exciting journey toward a personal relationship with Jesus and a love for God and His Word!

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