Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plan a Summer Spectacular

Don't allow the summer vacation to cause a break in your students' spiritual journey. Here are some ideas to make this a spectacular summer:
  1. Take a day trip with your students to your local nursing home or hospital. Before your trip, let your students make cheery cards to hand out to the patients.
  2. Go swimming, rollerblading, or miniature golfing. Make this a family outing so siblings and parents can join in.
  3. Have a picnic at a local park and do the Bible Exploration part of your lesson or a brief devotion or Bible study there.
  4. Spend a day letting your students help out at a local soup kitchen or folding clothes for a thrift store.
  5. Hold a work party at church and help with any jobs the church needs.
  6. Have an ice cream Sundae party and let each child or family bring a favorite topping.
  7. Hold a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Let younger children use a ball instead of a flying disc.
Gather the children at the church before you begin any special event. Use all available phones to invite non-active All-Stars for Jesus members to your next Bible Club meeting. After each event, let each child say a sentence prayer of thanks to God for a wonderful summer spectacular!

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