Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stay in Touch

As a Bible Club leader or helper, you spend just as much (or more) time relating to your students as you do teaching them Bible facts and concepts. When a child is absent, let him know you are concerned. Here are a few ideas:
  1. On the first absence, send a postcard or make a phone call letting the child know that he or she was missed.
  2. If the absences continue, you may want to send a letter along with any missed Classroom Activity Sheets or Take-Home Papers.
  3. Next, try another phone call and/or a personal visit, inviting the child to a specific event (such as a party). Keep your attitude cheerful and upbeat during the call or visit, letting the child know you care about him or her.
  4. Finally, have a card-writing session, where the other students send notes to the absent child, letting him know he is missed. 
Download FREE "We missed you" postcards at ChristianEdWarehouse.com. Print them onto card stock in color, or print them in black and white and let your students color them before sending them to the absent children.

Throughout the process, keep the child and his or her family in prayer. Ask God to give you His wisdom in determining the best approach to use in each situation.

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