Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome Summer: Flower Craft

Have your students create colorful summer flowers to hang in front of your windows or from the ceiling, if your classroom is windowless. To make one flower, fold a piece of colored construction paper in half. Let the child cut out one half of a simple, symmetrical flower shape, starting at the fold. Then help him cut out the center of the shape, leaving an outline about ½-inch wide. Unfold the flower outline. (You can do this initial cutting for your preschoolers.)

Lay the flower outline on a slightly larger piece of wax paper. Make sure each child has a flower. Help the child print his name on the outline. Then let the child drizzle glue along the shape’s outline  and in the center of the wax paper. Use a sponge brush to cover the wax paper with glue (but do not spread glue on the flower outline). Let the child press tissue-paper squares onto the glue. When the glue is dry, help the child peel the flower off the wax paper and trim around the flower’s edges so no  tissue paper sticks out. Hang the flowers from the ceiling or in front of your windows for a blooming display of color. Help your students thank God for the beautiful colors in His Creation and for giving us eyes to see the colorful flowers.

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