Monday, September 27, 2010

KJV Midweek Bible Club Program

Looking for a fun midweek Bible Club program that uses the King James Version of the Bible? Look no further! All-Stars for Jesus Bible Clubs are the only Bible clubs for two-year-olds through sixth grade that are easy to teach, fun for kids, Bible based, and so flexible they can be used any time!

God loves his children. He commanded parents to "train up a child in the way he should go" (Proverbs 22:6). We want each child to know that he or she is a star in Jesus' eyes, no matter what the child's skills and abilities. Jesus loves children just as they are. 

All-Stars for Jesus Bible Clubs are designed to help churches and parents teach children to know God, to believe in Jesus as their Savior, and to live for Him. All-Stars for Jesus Bible Clubs help children to feel loved and accepted so they, in turn, can share the love of Jesus with their friends and families. Researchers say that 43% of people who are Christians accepted Christ as Savior before the age of 13! We want to help you reach that 43%...and more!

Take a look at the age levels available in All-Stars for Jesus Bible Clubs:
            Honeybees for Jesus — ages 2 & 3
            Cubby Bears for Jesus  ages 4 & 5
            All-Stars for Jesus Primaries  grades 1 & 2
            All-Stars for Jesus Middlers  grades 3 & 4
            ASF56 Preteens  grades 5 & 6
            All-Stars for Jesus Explorers — combined grades 1 through 6

You and your kids will love the Multi-Use meetings, interactive activities, teacher-friendly lessons, KJV memory verses, optional awards program, and helpful resources that are all part of the All-Stars for Jesus Bible Clubs.

Every part of each All-Stars for Jesus meeting relates to the Bible lesson and reinforces that week’s theme or memory verse. Throughout each quarter, suggestions are provided to help teachers present the salvation message to their students.

We count it a privilege to partner with teachers and to provide you with the tools you need for the spiritual education of your students and their families. There is no greater calling than to teach children about Jesus!

Customer testimony: "We've been using the All-Stars for Jesus program for a couple years now. We used to use Awana® but found that the children lost interest in their student books. The kids love the All-Stars for Jesus program, and especially love the award books! Not only are they attractive and fun, but they have a lot of solid life-application activities that vary from week to week. We've kept the same AWANA format and adapted the All-Stars curriculum to fit perfectly for us." —Marnie Clawson, Chesterfield, MO

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cupcake Garden

Here's a fun way to reinforce your meeting on Creation, Nebudchadnezzar's sin, or any other Bible story that mentions grass. Before your meeting, mix together a bowl of coconut with a few drops of green food coloring. Have the children wash their hands. Cover the work table with a plastic tablecloth. Give each child a plain cupcake, icing, and a plastic knife.

Let the children cover their cupcakes with icing. Then have them spread the coconut grass on top of the cupcake (or simply use green icing, if they don't care for coconut). Encourage older children to help the younger ones.

Provide gumdrops, wax paper, toothpicks, rolling pins (optional) and clean scissors. Use scissors to cut notches in the tops of the gumdrops to create tulips and other flowers. Ask the children to save the green gumdrops for leaves. Poke a toothpick stem into the bottom of each flower. Have the children flatten the greengumdrops on wax paper (using rolling pins, if they wish). Then have the children cut the flattened green gumdrops into leaf shapes.

Poke the toothpick stem through the leaf and push it up the toothpick. Let each child make 1-3 flowers to put into his cupcake garden.  As the children are making their flowers, talk about the Bible story you have taught. For example, if your story was about Nebudchadnezzar, you could say, "The grass on your cupcakes reminds us of Nebudchadnezzar He ate grass while he lived like an animal for seven years. Then he finally admitted that God is King over all, and he gave God his wealth. Remember to always thank and praise God for everything you have."

Let the children enjoy their cupcakes or make one to eat now and one to take home. Provide sealable plastic bags for the ones they take home.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Teaching Twos and Threes

Up until the time a child reaches his second birthday, his main interests have been his parents, exploring his world, and practicing new motor skills. These interests continue while he is two and three, but as twos, the children also develop social skills and specific interests. This makes learning centers an especially good method for teaching twos and threes (see the "Setting Up Learning Centers" post from February 25, 2010); your goal as a Bible club teacher is to promote and develop each child's individuality and interests.

Intellectual reasoning or "thinking it out in your head" also develops while a child is two years old. An infant trying to get a hard-to-reach object will usually try various physical methods to reach the object, whereas the child over two years of age will very often consider an alternative in her head, and then act.

As a Bible club teacher, you can help each child develop the ability to "think through" a problem by using directed conversation. By saying words as the child plays or scribble colors, you can direct her thoughts to consider different behavioral options. This leads the child to think about and talk to you about a way to solve the problem before the child acts. Don't forge to use praise and encouragement as the child thinks through the situation and after she succeeds in solving the problem.

After a child's second birthday, he will become increasingly interested in his peers, whereas earlier, his main interest was his parents. However, while young children are interested in other children, they do not always interact with them or find it easy to develop friendships.

Children become capable of loving others as they have first received love and as they learn to interact with others. Therefore, children need a positive opportunity to interact with other children in an atmosphere of loving and caring so they can learn how to form friendships, a skill with life-long importance.

The activities in Honeybees for Jesus and Cubby Bears for Jesus Bible Clubs are designed to help you create such a place, where the growing child can receive a foundation of positive interaction with other children. Not only do preschoolers sing and talk about loving God and each other, but the children are given the chance to talk and interact with each other and with adults who love and care for them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personal Memo Board Craft

Let your students create their own erasable memo boards. Let them use the boards each week to print the week's Bible verse and then erase it little by little as they memorize the verse.

Give each child a sturdy paper plate, a 10-inch length of ribbon, and water color markers. Let him decorate the rim of the plate (both sides) with the markers. Have him print the memory verse and his name in the middle of the plate. 

Help the child punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon hanger. Let him cut a sheet of self-stick plastic to cover the back of the plate (the rim and the empty center). Have him draw a picture on top of the plastic with the watercolor markers. Let him put a wet wipe in a resealable plastic snack bag and tape it to the back of the plate. 

Explain that this memo board can be wiped clean on the plastic side and reused over and over with watercolor markers. Say the Bible verse together. Talk about how God made each person unique and special just as each piece of art on the memo boards is unique.